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Our main goal has always been to create an inspiring example of ACHIEVABLE URBAN SUSTAINABILITY that can be easily replicated on similar infill plots nationwide. Trying to achieve this in Prestwick has been a long and extremely difficult task and although some of the worlds most renowned architects lauded the concept, some South Ayrshire Council Planners have not shared our vision.

However, we always try to understand before being understood and that has taken us on a longer journey than any of us could ever have expected. The planning process has been such an elongated journey that we were compelled to write a paper with the twists and turns that it has taken – you can read more about the Planning journey in our paper, “Barriers to Innovative Housing in Scotland:NRGStyle’s ZEMCH109 Case Study”.

We also created a short video aimed at speaking directly to the Planners to explain how we see things from our perspective, Watch our side of the story in summary here – ZEMCH109 2020 Planning Summary with Audio.

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Zemch 2021

For optimum function and to allow for flexibility in the NRGStyle Multi-Generational Lifetime Home, certain design features have been incorporated...

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ZEMCH Conference is the annual global interactive forum for intellectual discussion on the problems and delights of design, manufacturing and marketing surrounding the delivery of low CO2 and ultimately, Zero Energy Houses that are customisable on a mass scale.

NRGStyle are founding Industrial members of the ZEMCH Network since the first international conference in 2012 at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, the Glasgow School of Art.

NRGStyle took part in ZEMCH2013 in Miami (USA), ZEMCH2015 in Lecce (Italy) and ZEMCH2018 in Melbourne (Australia).

zemch mission

23rd - 27th May, 2016 NRGStyle embarked on another incredible voyage to Japan in 2016...

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